Frequently asked Questions about Spring Diving in the Crystal River FL Area 

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General Water Temperatures ~ 72 degrees year round. We suggest a 3mm wet suit for diving comfort and safety.

General Visibility ~ Mostly crystal clear, unlimited viz depending on weather, time of day and number of divers that have "silted" up the area.

Dive Site Accessibility ~ Dive times ~ Dive trips ~ At Crystal River and Rainbow Rivers we use boats. There is no rough water or high seas! No chance of sea-sickness. Both Rivers are approx. 70 miles north of the Tampa Bay area. We dive the springs almost every weekend in the winter months and use them as our training facilities.

We also dive Blue Grotto and Ginnie Springs. Blue Grotto is a great cavern deep dive 90' - 105'. Blue Grotto has a unique underwater lighting system and a fresh air bell at 30'. Ginnie Springs has 4 caverns and a beautiful cave system (for certified cave divers only). The Grand Ball Room at Ginnie Springs is one of the largest, safest caverns in Florida. Camping is available at Ginnie Springs. Both are located approx. 100 miles north of Tampa Bay.

What do you see? ~ At Crystal River, manatees are in year round. During the season, October 30th to March 30th, there are a least 350 or more manatees in the river. During the summer months as few as 30 - 75 remain in the river. We snorkel all year. Crystal river has unusual sea life from both salt and fresh water making it a great snorkeling experience. There is a small cavern at 50' that is fun to explore and 6 other springs. Sites may be closed to diving or have restrictions at certain times

We dive in Central Florida area (dive sites with yellow dot) land-based springs. Some of the sites we dive are Alexander Springs Federal Park, Blue Springs State Park , Crystal River Federal Park, De Leon Springs State Park, Forty Fathom Grotto, Weeki Wachee State Park and Devil's Den. Deep dives are at Blue Grotto and Forty Fathom Grotto,The fees for fresh water spring and Florida attractions are approximately $20.00/$50.00 per student per day. Sites may be closed to diving or have restrictions at certain times. Sites may be closed to diving or have restrictions at certain times.  We also dive the Northeast, Central and Southwest Florida State Parks that allow diving.

Prices ~ Two Tank Dives are $80.00+ pp.  Snorkelers $30.00 pp. Rental gear is $50 to $100+ depending on what you need. BC - $20.00, Regulator - 20.00, Wet suit - $18.00. Tank - $10.00 to $15.00 (air-nitrox, 80cu/100cu). Snorkel Gear - $25.00, wetsuit $18.00. We can have dive gear available for you at the site

Current Dive Log and 'C' Card required for divers, no exceptions.

Booking ~ We can book your charter for you. We will need at least 10 days lead time, so don't hesitate, especially during the summer months. We will need your credit card number, expiration date, sizes and gear requirements, and your local contact phone number to book, reserve your spot and gear. In the event you have to cancel your dive, there is no cancellation fee provided we have 48 hours notice on regular dates and 72 hours notice on holidays. "No shows" are charged full fee. There is no charge if we cancel the charter for bad weather and we will re-book you upon request for the next available dive date.

To sign up, choose the weekend/ weekdays you want by reviewing the Dive and Course schedule/calendar and send an email to info@scubatampa.com with your requests. We will send additional information and a booking form to you.

Hope I answered your questions. If you need more specific information, feel free to contact me. Additional information at my site:



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