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How we beat Groupon Scuba deal second raters


How we beat Groupon Scuba deal second raters.

Groupon has been in the Advertising Business for 3 years.

Groupon spams the internet with cut-rate, deceptive advertising, that is killing legitimate scuba business in Florida.

The scuba merchants Groupon advertises cannot beat our Price, History, Training or Credentials without lying.

Best Price.
We are an Internet-based company. This allows us to specialize in economically prudent dive training. Academic learning is completed online in the private comfort of your home. We teach PADI Certification Courses recognized worldwide. The academics teach you to think outside the box. The water training teaches you to think outside the bubble.

Best History.
We have been in business, licensed and insured, in Florida since 1969 (43 years). Self-employed since 1969, Investigator since 1973, Instructor since 1989, Internet-based business since 1998

Best Training.
We certify divers using the PADI system of diver education (best training, best credentials). Worldwide, more people learn to dive using the PADI system of diver education than any other recreational scuba program. We have been teaching PADI Scuba Diving in Central Florida since 1989 (23 years).

Best Dive Credentials.

PADI Master Instructor, Twenty-Two (22) specialties and Medic First Aid. Nitrox Blender and Dan O2 Instructor. NASE Worldwide Master Instructor. MDEA Level 4 Instructor Trainer - Evaluator. SDI/TDI Instructor Twenty-Two (22) specialties. BSA Scuba Diving Merit Badge Counselor. Dive Boat Captain, Gulf Charters (diving and fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off of Tarpon Springs, Florida). Seven Thousand-Five Hundred (7500+) logged dives. Seventeen Hundred (1700+) PADI divers trained. Scuba Diving Expert Dive Credentials Here! 

Buyer Beware of Groupon Scuba Deals: Caveat emptor, A fool and his money are soon parted.  If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Monkeys are trouble!

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Pierre Coustoeu

Pierre-Yves Cousteau and friends dove with Chris & Capt John 1. 21.12

Pierre was in town to meet with the St. Petersburg City Council about headquartering Cousteau Divers here in Florida. Pierre is the son of Jaques- Yves Cousteau co-inventor or the Aqua Lung.

We did a dive at the main spring and at Three Sisters. Pierre took some photos and sent this this note.

Dear John,
Thank you so much for an amazing day in the springs! ....Thank you! Hope to dive with you again soon.
Pierre-Yves Cousteau




The SSI Platinum Pro5000 Diver card is the calling card of the world’s most elite water explorers. The list of cardholders is a “who’s who” of diving, containing the world’s most prominent dive leaders, scientists, photographers, manufacturers, retailers, and resort operators.

What makes the SSI Platinum Pro5000 Diver award so special is that it’s all about diving. The unsung dive master on any island and Jacques Cousteau earned their cards the same way—by diving 5,000 times.Let’s put 5,000 dives into perspective. It takes 500 dives a year for 10 years, or 100 dives a year for 50 years! That’s a lifetime of dedication and commitment to the sport. John Russell has 7610 logged dives!

ProCardThis award documents the dedication and commitment of diving’s pioneers and industry-makers. Scuba Schools International is proud that the sport’s most elite people carry the SSI Platinum Pro5000 Diver card.Many Pros have confided that it’s the first diving credential they ever received…and their favorite!

About the Platinum Pro 5000 Diver Level

The Platinum Pro5000 Diver card cannot be purchased. Individuals must be awarded the award by being recommended in writing by two Platinum Pros.

The History of the Platinum Pro 5000 Diver Level

ProThe roots of the Platinum Pro 5000 Diver level go back to 1992, with the introduction of the SSI Century Diver card, the first card in the industry earned for making 100 dives. It was such a hit that SSI announced it would create additional cards for 500 and 1000 dives. Bill Gleason from Skin Diver Magazine proposed that there should be a card recognizing the most experienced divers, those with 5000 dives. Bob Clark, founder of SSI, thought this was an outstanding idea.

SSI and Skin Diver Magazine decided to recognize these people at a grand and formal cocktail party at DEMA, the world’s largest diving show. Nikon cameras offered their award-winning team to put together a professional presentation of underwater images, and the first Platinum Pro5000 Diver party was held in 1993



Blue Grotto
Blue Grotto

Former students (Alumni) may go diving on training days for tune ups and fun ($50.00 per person dive and gear)

Current Dive Log and 'C' Card required for all divers, no exceptions.

We will be teaching Open Water Classes almost every weekend on in Central Florida.

Advanced Open water at Devil's Den and Blue Grotto

Divemaster Class monthly.

Manatee tours, dives and encounters available!

The Manatees have left their winter home in Crystal River and are traveling their summer salt water grazing routes.

We wish them a warm safe summer and await their return in the fall.

Manatees at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.

Gulf Water temps

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